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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the reason nerves are still rattled this morning. plus -- >> this is not easy. >> packing up, a bay area couple proeps to say good-bye. their emotional final moments in the yunited states. the study that could impact your morning commute. "today in the bay" continues right now. if you're up and at them this morning maybe heading off to school, good luck for you. have a great year. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. traffic and weather starting with kari. >> it looks good starting out this morning. fairly mild temperatures as you get ready to head out the door. we do start out with some clouds again this morning but we will get some sunshine today. we're seeing some clearing as we take a live look outside and it's 60 degrees there. i want to show you the high temperatures around the bay area reaching into the mid-70s like yesterday.
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up to 80 degrees and 78 in santa rosa, san francisco up to 64 degrees. we'll talk about what's ahead as temperatures warm up. mike is still tracking that slowing in san jose. >> that's right, kari. it's not because of the fire i will talk about coming up but i want point out the slowdown we see more severe, i guess i should say. the reason being there was an earlier crash moved quickly to the souled but the big rig and a little more slowing than we typically see. we have that closure and i'll talk about that again in a bit. i wanted to cover the backup and the delay that happened. your travel times through the south bay and reassure folks in oakland that the nimitz freeway is completely open this morning traveling from oakland down in toward the san mateo bridge. back to you. >> thanks for the latest there, mike. developing now north korea may be easing rhetoric against the united states. >> that's right. early this morning leader kim jong-un was briefed on his
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military plans to launch missiles into the waters near guam. during an inspection of the strategic forces plans by the military for what they're calling, quote, an enveloping fire around the u.s. territory but according to state television he would watch for, also quoting, foolish and stupid conduct of american forces before making a decision to attack. happening today an emotional good-bye. an oakland couple will have their final moment in the united states before they're deport ed to mexico. >> pete suratos joins us live at sfo where the couple will fly out this afternoon. it's been a very long, tearful journey for the family, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura and scott. a very tearful journey for maria mendoza sanchez and her husband who will have to say good-bye to their kids. they understand the trump a
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administration is enforcing the immigration law that's on the books but it doesn't make the woel process any easier. our cameras went to capture her journey yesterday. you can only imagine what's running through her head at the time. now she's lived in in oakland for more than two decades after illegally crossing the border with her husband and one of their daughters more than two decades ago. they've had two more girls and a boy since. the daughter she brought can stay because of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program which marks the fifth anniversary today. the son and two other daughters are citizens. one of them graduates soon from uc santa cruz. sanchez was working as a nurse at oakland's hospital at the time and has tried to seek legal standing for 15 years and received two stays for deportation. now she and her husband are l k hoping for a last-second miracle. >> it's not a law he has written
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or a bill he passed. it needs to be fixed. he is just enforcing it. what i don't like is he has taken it personally against mexicans. >> reporter: we did reach out to immigration and customs enforcement for a comment on the case and they say, quote, when we fail to enforce immigration laws what message are we sending to the millions of people who respect that process and are waiting outside the u.s. now for visas that will will enable them to enter the country lawfully? maria will not be allowed to return to the u.s. for ten years. we're live at sfo, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thanks. it is 6:04 right now. the man accused of killing a san jose liquor store own er is expected in court today. 21-year-old hendricks is expected to be arraigned this afternoon. he is charged with shooting and killing li last monday.
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he shot him when he refused to empty the cash register. a case of suspected road rage left a man in the hospital and shut down parts of 880 for hours in san leandro. if you joined us yesterday we brought this as live breaking coverage all morning long on "today in the bay." chp says the driver was shot in the head by the passenger of another car. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. chp shut down all lanes to investigate. the alleged vehicle was a white sedan but no description of the driver or passenger. happening today b.a.r.t. will discuss staffing. they're short 50 officers. today's meeting been increasing police presence on trains after recent high-profile robberies and assaults. and just last night around 7:00 a man reported three young men stole his cell phone at the rock
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ridge station in oakland. the victim says the suspects said they were armed. at 6:05 happening today easy traffic congestion across the bay area. we can all agree that sounds nice. tonight sam trans will unveil a new recommendation that will hopefully do just that. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the dumbarton bridge with how you can get in your say. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning idea whose time may have come because of changes in population, public funding private investment. now if you commute along the dumbarton corridor you know it is a daily jam and certainly mike inouye never runs out of things to talk about in the morning traffic report. but tonight samtrans will explore bringing back the dumbarton rail line which was shuttered in the '90s. you may remember that if you grew up here. a look at the map i dug up. the blue line shows where the
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rail line would run parallel to highway 84 across the bay connecting alme ameda and san mo where companies like google, microsoft and facebook. because of that private investment could supple ment funding from the gas tax and the proposed bridge toll hike that we talked about in the last couple of weeks. now already facebook ponied up about a million bucks to fund a study sam trans is presenting to the public. tonight your first look at the dumbarton corridor study at 6:30. that's tonight. tomorrow is at the library in east palo alto city hall. other meetings will follow in the next two weeks and i will link you to the details of those meetings in my twitter feed and also on my facebook page. let me know what you think, if you remember at dumbarton rail i worked with my cameraman allen
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who grew up in hayward and kind of remembers vaguely back when it was operational. let me know what you think. at the dumbarton bridge, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." it is 6:08. continuing coverage. moreout from the weekend's tragedy in charlottesville. >> that's video of protesters pulling down a confederate statue at a rally in north carolina. they chanted no kkk, no fascist usa. in virginia the man charged with driving his car in a crowd of protesters killing a woman will remain in jail as he awaits trial. james fields jr. appeared via conference call. a judge did not allow bail. here in the bay area things could get heated next weekend. alt-right leaders anouned plans for a march on google this saturday. it will be held at charleston park. also expecting a counterprotest
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and also planned in san francisco on august 26 and in berkeley on the 27th. 6:09. a cloudy start across the bay area. our temperatures start out in the lower 60s and heading up to 75 degrees today. it's going to be another day where it feels like fall and we'll be in the 60s throughout much of the morning. we'll get some clearing at 11:00 and then in the low 70s for the afternoon so it's going to be very comfortable. some of the kids in school today it starts out near 60 degrees with cloudy skies but then at recess it starts to clear. by the time you're heading home we will feel comfortable with a lot of sunshine and a great day to spend a lot of extra time outdoors. and mike now has video showing the brush fire. you can see this is before the sun came up. the fire trucks were blocking lanes so i want to say to you the fire on the other side of
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the chain link fence and that was the issue, a small vegetation fire. let's take you out to the maps. we're still trying to get clarification. i did just see it disappear, chp, i should say, and we're trying to talk to officers over there to make sure the off ramp is open. northbound 101 not a lot of slowing in the area and that's good news there. over here getting north to oakland road we do have some recovery, may have moved the big rig from the shoulder but that distraction is what's causing that backup there. we'll send it right back to you. >> tu, mike. 6:10. up next keeping passengers safe. >> we're reactionary at this airport instead of proactive. >> the safety concerns being raised in san jose international port just days after a security scare. >> priceless painting snatched and then returned. the way it was traced back to the rightful owner decades later.
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the week. more on that in the forecast coming up in five minutes. and over here your travel times top of your screen. the east shore freeway looking great. 21 minutes to the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> mike, san jose airport officials looking at airport security just days after a scare delayed flights for hours. passengers had it to be rescreened after checked bags that were supposed to go in a plane's cargo hold ended up inside terminal "a." now commissioners looking at other weak spots. one member thinks truck stopping ram bars should be set up at access points and there's the suggestion it to not allow staff to skip tsa security. >> there are scores of individuals every day that are badged that circumvent security. we don't allow our airline pilots or flight attendants to circumvent security. >> now in the past three years the airport has upgraded security cameras, increased the height of fences and just last week added one-way exit doors to
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prevent someone from rushing through the terminal's exit only. more details now on our investigative unit's look at security after a high-profile breach in 2014. you may recall a teenager stowed away on a flight to hawaii. that incident prompt ed calls fr lawmakers for changes. you can find them at 6:15 right now and new this morning two people dead, are several others injured in a shooting in north hollywood. it is a popular art district. police say the shooting happened about 11:30 outside an apartment complex. at least four people were hit by bullets, no word on their conditions right now. there have been no arrests and police so far are not saying what the motive behind the shooting. >> 6:15 on your tuesday morning. a long lost painting was discovered at an antique shop in new mexico. the owners had no idea they had
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a stolen masterpiece. visitors to their shop just asked about the painting. it turns out it's called woman oker, it was stolen from the university of arizona museum 31 years ago. >> i go to the museum, pulled up the phone number, called them and got a receptionist and told her that i had a painting that was stolen from the university about 30-something years ago. >> the painting, in fact, was stolen the day after thanksgiving way back in 1985. business and tech news, more ceos are quitting president t m trump's manufacturing council after fallout from his comments about charlottesville. >> landon dowdy joins us live with the rest of the news before the bell. good morning. scott and laura, good morning to you both. wa wall street could see more gains today after monday's rally. the markets had their best day as reaction to easing tensions
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between the u.s. and north korea. import prices, also retail sales coming in higher than expected. the dow rising to 21,99 3. the nasdaq up 83 to 6340. more ceos have decided to quit president trump's manufacturing council amid the growing backlash over the white nationalist fueled violence in virginia this weekend and ceo brian krzanich and under armour's plank announcing their departure following the move by merck ceo brian phrafrazier. plank this taken hits from stars like steph curry for had his support of president trump. toyota's future cars could be made partly from wood. researchers say a material made from wood pulp weighs one-fifth of steal and steel and is five
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times stronger. reducing the vehicle's weight is critical as they try to bring electric cars into mainstream. lower weight means manufacturers won't need as many batteries and saving on costs. scott and laura, back to you. >> makes sense. landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> no wood cars on the road this morning. >> no. air in the tires, too. metal the road we don't want that. check your weather. >> it's going to be great again today. we've had some comfortable temperatures. cloudy and foggy along the coastline. we're going to get more clearing today but we're starting out with the clouds right now. 59 degrees as you head out the door and watch out for that d z drizzle again today. looking live at downtown san jose it is all cloudy and we are going to be heading up into the
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mid-70s this afternoon. we're going to see the high in milpitas up to 76 degrees. seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. we will be heating up. we're just taking a break from blasting the air conditioning right now. we're going to be up to 80 in concord. danville 79 degrees and oakland today looking at a high of 67 degrees with some 60s tore the peninsula. half moon bay, 64. 69 in san mateo and 62 degrees in engle side. looking at some sunshine and if you're heading to sonoma wine country a nice one even though we will have a cool start. some upper 50s throughout the morning. we'll be at 71 degrees at noon with mostly sunny skies and 77 today. going golfing in the tri-valley or just enjoying time outside our temperatures start out in the low 60s and we will get some sunshine by 10:00. we'll see that sun throughout the day and highs in the upper
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70s. and as we get a live look outside at yosemite this morning, maybe you're going there to enjoy the last few days before school starts, heads up, there's a wildfire nearby that we've been monitoring and there will be a chance of some lightning in the forecast that may make things worse. temperatures staying comfortable in the upper 60s. we'll have some 60s in san francisco. we'll see some sunshine. a little bit more as we head to the end of the week and looking at inland areas heating up to 90 degrees. this weekend will be warm but starting to come back down and mike is saying the commute on tuesday is starting to ease up. >> we're easing into the commute. a gentle build right now. that's good stuff as far as the patterns go, not a major concern except for san jose where we see a lot of slowing. two things for san jose, we did, in fact, confirm the off ramp has been cleared of the earlier brush fire and no slowing there. we have the slowing starting to ease up oakland road where a crash involving a big rig is
6:21 am
over on the shoulder just shy of 880. those are the two slow spots. the bay shore freeway. the tri-valley and the east bay, the castro valley y, a typical pattern. tuesday it's a great drive right now. let's show you as you cross over the bay what waze has to report as far as your travel times. going from union city over across redwood city we're showing a pretty easy drive at 237. the old railway and as the sun comes up a nice view. a great view on your phone is our app, waze app we've partnered with waze. click on your profile over here. that's the animation. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you. 6:21 right now. coming up alarming research. the new study that shows just how many women are taking antidepressants. >> one broken appliance,
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multiple attempts to fix it and zero progress. i'm investigative reporter chris chmura. nbc bay area respond next. be and right now on twitter follow me for a look at a now deleted re-tweet from president trump taking on cnn again. follow me @scottmcgrew. who are these people?
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welcome back. nbc bay area responds to half moon bay woman with a faulty fridge. >> she wanted a refund but couldn't get one. chris chmura is here with her story. just a few months after molly bought a new $2,500 ge refrigerator she says it started making loud grinding noises. it was still under warn>> tel : ge sent a it tech out. they came out but nothing stopped the grinding noises. she reached out to us. we contact ed ge and it offered to replace the refrigerator. molly was thrilled but she was also concerned she'd have the same problem with the replacement. so she asked for a refund and ge said okay. it refunded $2,519.
6:26 am
ge did not respond to our request for comment if you have a consumer complaint call us 888-996-tips or online at >> thanks so much, chris. 6:26 right now. new at 6:00 a survey brings details on who is more likely to take antidepressants. national center for health statistics reports women are about twice as like areal likel them. about 16% of females over the age of 12 say they have taken it between 2011 and 2014. the age is alarming. 6:26. coming up next on "today in the bay," a prestigious university, a kid with a lawsuit, discrimination allegations harvard university is now facing this morning and the bay area school involved. >> reporter: the alameda county
6:27 am
sheriff's office under criticism for re-tweeting a white supremacist. the agency's explanation for why it was an accident. you're watching "today in the bay".
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good tuesday morning. welcome to it. we'll check in with kari and mike. thank you for us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's check in with kari. a little cooler out there. >> we'll keep the temperatures down lower from where we should be. some low 80s for concord and the north bay we're in the upper 70s and san francisco 64 degrees. more sunshine heading toward the end of the week. we're going from the upper 70s today to 90 degrees on friday. mike is still tracking the slowing. this has been a tougher drive. 280 and 680. we'll show you the map that goes from back at capital expressway now over the last few minutes and really focusing the red and orange, the very slow speed out
6:31 am
to oakland road where we have an earlier crash. it's still on the shoulder. 87 and 85 showing a build. the rest of the bay nothing major. a crash is reported. we'll track on that. the travel times looking great for the east shore freeway. >> we'll take it, mike, thanks. the alameda county sheriff's office is facing a firestorm of controversy after re-tweeting a white supremacist. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live with the expansion. bob, tell us what they're s saying. >> reporter: good morning you to you, scott and laura. they say it was an unintentional mistake and it has since undone the re-tweet. a screen shot of that re-tweet before it was taken down last night. the agency's official twitter account, richard spencer. he is a white supremacist and
6:32 am
backer of the protest in charlottesville, virginia. the sheriff's office shen sent out a follow-up tweet that said this was an accidental re-tweet and was in no way done intentionally. we are working to take this accidental re-tweet down. it's not showing up in our feed for us to delete. it did take time but they were able to undo that re-tweet. at least a few hundred people criticized the department on twitter many believing the agency intentionally retweeted richard spencer to promote his views. the sheriff's office spokesperson told "the east bay time" it was not intentional, that he was reading up on recent events trying to prepare for a rally in berkeley. he clicked on the richard spencer news conference for research. in the process of closing it out accidentally hit the wrong button and re-tweeted it out to the twitter universe. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thanks. tess 6:32. this morning records from a south bay high school are being
6:33 am
requested in a civil case against harvard university. the ivy league school is accused of discriminating against asians. "the mercury news" is reporting records of the high school cupertino are being requested, one of four involved in the case. 80% of their student body is asian-american. 6:33. the man accused of setting 20-acre grazely fire in the oakland hills last night will be in court. police arrested ba toes at that after a case of road rage. he allegedly pointed a gun at two people, rammed their car. police say he confessed to setting the fire and 77 others with a cigarette lighter. we continue to follow the fire burning in yosemite that started sunday and grew to more than 1,600 acres. that wildfire has not caused any evac cuations so far.
6:34 am
firefighters deciding whether or not to close off trails at yosemite. happening today vallejo is prepping to join the growing list of california cities with marijuana laws. tonight will be a community meeting to discuss the proposed marijuana laws for the city. it is reported city hall will will update people on its recommendations to amend the codes. it starts is at 6:30 tonight at jfk library r. it's 6:34. happening today former snl actor and senator al franken will be in town. he's an outspoken critic of the president on several issues. he is set to speak in san francisco. part of the city's art and lecture series, no doubt he will talk much about the violence in virginia. days later emotions still raw following the violent protests and car attacks in charlottesville. this morning president donald trump waking up in trump tower in new york where he will be met with protesters. a day after the president
6:35 am
nounsed specific hate groups. for many it's too little late. tracking the reaction and follow. >> reporter: that controversy still swirling around the president and a new controversy popping up. he re-tweeted the tweet from an alt-right conservative or linked right-wing conspiracy theorist. will get questions about that but, again, folks say that the condemnation, the strong condemnation is too little, too late. >> no kkk, no fascist usa. protesters greeted president donald trump as he arrived at trump tower in new york angry it took 48 hours for the president to specifically call out the hate groups responsible for the car attack in charlottesville, virginia, killing one woman. >> racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals of and thugs including
6:36 am
the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant. >> reporter: president trump was quick to denounce the ceo of merck hours after he resigned from had his council. these strong words to hate groups took too long. >> the president in his last statement actually sounded presidential. i wish that he would have said those same words on saturday. >> these are groups that are used to hearing dog whistles from public officials. so they take that as a green light. we are approving of this violence against counterprotestors. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions says the department of justice will take the most vigorous action against the people and groups responsible for the charlottesville violence. >> we're going to protect the right to assemble and march and we're going to prosecute anybody to the full extent of the law that violates their ability to do so. >> reporter: sessions updated
6:37 am
the president on civil rights investigation into the attack. right now in all three prominent ceos from merck, under armour, and intel have resigned from the president's manufacturer council over the initial lack of condemnation for the eked weekend's violence. reporting live, edward lawrence. it is 6:37 right now. the bay area is still working to heal after the violence from charlottesville this weekend. dozens gathered for an interfaith peace vigil. speakers emphasized white nationalists did not represent all of america. >> in charlottesville i think as in walnut creek and our communities in contra costa county there are many more people of goodwill than people of hate. many of the people who came in were from outside the community. >> one of those outsiders was cole white, a berkeley man who joined a virginia rally. he was outed online and quit his
6:38 am
job at top dog. all right, folks. take a look out here. b.a.r.t. does have one delay reported. they're not saying how much of a delay. ten minutes right now. some sort of medical emergency is being taken care of over at civic center. no word on whether or not people are able to get on and off. that usually means trains are operatinging. they'll have to stop. a little delay out of san francisco right now for b.a.r.t. getting into san francisco no major problems but a crash reported at the bay bridge. i scanned all of our cameras and did see chp so that should mean all lanes have now cleared as you're pass iing through the ar. light backup through berkeley. show you the rest of the bay and a smooth flow. san jose is recovering northbound a crash involving a big rig still on the shoulder at oakland road and a slower drive just over half an hour.
6:39 am
skip ahead to your weekend. we're not that close. >> never too early to look ahead to the weekend because all weeklong you're sitting at work thinking about what you're going to do. now it's going to be warmer than today. inland areas reaching into the up upper 80s. the coast at the 68 degrees and for sunday expect more of the same but we'll bring down those temperatures a few more degrees so it will still be cool at area beaches. if you're enjoying the last weekend before school starts or celebrating the start of school looking at napa valley this weekend it will be in the upper 80s on friday and then a touch cooler for the rest of the weekend but still a very nice weekend ahead in napa valley looking for hotter temperatures. why not go to shasta lake up to 100 degrees on friday. and saturday 98. and if you're looking for some beach weather heading to santa barbara upper 60s to lower 70s.
6:40 am
we'll have a look at san jose's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. scott and laura? >> thank you very much, kari. we will look forward to that. at 6:40 right now coming up a tearful good-bye. >> for them not to be there breaks my heart. >> a bay area couple's emotional final hours in the u.s. before being deported. how they're saying farewell to their friends and family this morning. and taking a look at the dow industrials, mildly higher this morning after word north korea is backing down on some of its threats. ♪
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31.
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6:43 now on your tuesday morning with another cloudy start as we take a live look outside in san jose. week break it down by neighborhood going to campbell. we will still see clouds at 10:00. by 11:00 we'll be fright and sunny and all clear reaching into the mid-70s because below our normal high temperature of 82. we're going to be heating things up as we go into the next several days. more on that at 6:49. and we have ba.a.r.t.
6:44 am
reporting a medical emergency at civic center just seconds ago. we got the update. they're in recovery mode now. a medical emergency cleared. minor delays out of san francisco. thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 6:44. developing now north korea lowering the threat level. the kcountry may be easing its rhetoric this morning. early this morning leader kim jong-un was briefed on his military plans to launch missiles into the waters near guam. during an inspection of the stra tej ic forces kim examined plans by the military for what they are calling, quote, an enveloping fire around the u.s. territory. but according to state television he said he would watch for, quote, foolish and stupid conduct of american, forces before making a decision to attack today an oakland nurse and her husband will say good-bye to their daughters as they return it to mexico after a 15-year fight for citizenship. she and her husband will be
6:45 am
floig to mexico city. they've been in the united states for 23 years. they've had three children here. she talked to us about how hard it is to leave. >> i don't even want to think about it. i know it's going to be difficult so i have some of my friends, i want to be there had for them. >> her 12-year-old son is going to mexico for two years but plans it to come back for high school. her special needs daughter will stay legally in the united states. and another daughter is close to graduating uc santa cruz with a degree in human biology. a man in jail for a street fight being treated as a hate crime. it happened sunday morning around 8:00 at sunset parkway and leaf wood drive. police say two men were seen arguing. the suspect allegedly accused a hispanic man of stealing his car. according to police he spit in the man's face and called him
6:46 am
racial slurs during that fight. the man accused of killing a san jose liquor store owner is expected in court today. he's expected to be arraigned this afternoon. charged with shooting and killing hugh li. they say suspect was attempting to rob the victim's store and shot him when he refused to open the cash register. 6:46. b.a.r.t. will be discussing police staffing. the department is currently short 50 officers. today's meeting in oakland, b.a.r.t. has been increasing police presence at its stations and on trains after recent high-profile robberies and assaults. just last night around 7:00 a man reported three young men stole his cell phone in oakland. the victim says the suspects indicated they were armed. b.a.r.t. is getting the ball rolling at a new transit facility. construction work began on railroad avenue and it is expected to continue until august 25th. work will be done between 9:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the
6:47 am
afternoon. the construction is for the station's transfer facility. the center is the first stop in the ten-mile e-bart line. the e-bart system uses diesel rail cars that are considered cheaper and more fuel efficient. 6:47. happening this week las vegas city leaders will get the details on financing of that new raiders stadium that will happen thursday. clark county commission was briefed on the $1.9 billion stadium. it includes $750 million in public money that will be paid back by a hotel room tax. we're learning new details on the oakland raiders future in vegas. the planned stadium will have ten levels and the grass, not turf field, and a transparent roof. the las vegas authority stadium will get more details on that in september. 6:47 right now. new this morning, soon you might be able to drink alcohol at cal
6:48 am
games. reporting the athletic apartment is looking for ways to boost revenue it about $22 million last year. some ideas include selling alcohol at football and basketball games along with selling the naming rights to memorial stadium as well as cutting some of the roster sizes and tearing down he hedwards stm for new housing. an east bay developer wan to bring a big entertainment project to dublin. >> north of 580 the developers tell the east bay times it will include restaurants and a plaza and movie theater and housing. the plans are more heavy on entertainment and retail but there is a proposal for 700 housing units and possibly two hotels. 6:48. state assembly members currently considering a bill that would give students a little more sleep time. the state senate approved a bill 328 back in may. it delayed school start time until after 8:30 in the morning. no word on when the assembly
6:49 am
will vote on that bill. former governor arnold schwarzenegger wants to do had his part citing hate. schwarzenegger announced a $100,000 donation to a los angeles-based anti-hate group. the organization named after a nazi hunter who schwarzenegger called his friend. the former governor says his donation is in response to the violent tragedy in virginia. check this out. a malfunction turned an airport in auburn, maine, into a marshmallow disaster. they were testing the fire alarm and triggered the suppression system. the foam discharged and filled the entire hangar. fortunately no one was hurt. they were stranded as they tried to clean up the mess. didn't that happen in san jose once? >> it did. >> the kids would have loved that, can you kidding me? playland. >> charged for parties like that. let's check the forecast. a little cooler out there.
6:50 am
>> a little bit cooler. we'll keep the temperatures on par where we with yesterday for those highs reaching into the mid-70s inland. we will get some clearing. it'll take a while, though, especially as we start out with the clouds, look iing at our mio climate. looking at the san mateo bridge it is 60 degrees. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. we will have some warmer temperatures on the way. we're now starting out at 53 degrees in the north bay with cloudy skies and another morning with drizzle and fog in san francisco. for the south bay heading into the mid to upper 70s. san jose up to 75 degrees and gilroy up to 77 degrees. and for the east bay looking at some lower 80s in a few spots but mostly 70s from pleasanton. 78 degrees. and 77 in premonth. san carlos will see 72 degrees. san francisco reaching into the mid-60s and the mission district and the north bay topping out at 79 degrees today in napa.
6:51 am
so as you're looking out the window getting started this morning even though it's cloudy now don't forget the sunglasses. we will get some sun later today and you'll probably still be comfortable wearing long sleeves throughout the day especially when the breezes start to kick up. head at recess we'll get some sunshine with some cool temperatures. heading home from school comfortable with most sunny skies, a very nice day to spend outdoors and maybe heading to a park in the north bay even though it will be foggy through in some spots throughout the morning we will see some clearing and temperatures today reaching into the mid-70s. and this is the last of the concert series. summertime jazz concert this evening and it will be nice and cool but the clouds will start to move in and those temperatures will be dropping, too. we are looking at some slightly warmer temperatures for san francisco over the next several days. some upper 60s. inland areas will much more of a change, 77 degrees today. but up to 90, the warmest day.
6:52 am
friday. >> just before the break, they are in recovery mode for b.a.r.t. that's good news. there was an you shall you at the civic center station but that has been cleared and no more problems. no subsequent delays. a couple minutes here and there. the approach to the bay bridge, a smooth flow. i did see all the crews cleared from that second lane approaching the toll plaza so no problems anymore and slowing in through berkeley as you would imagine anyway. the rest of the bay typical pattern as well coming down through award, now west 92 build to the peninsula. in the south bay your northbound route kicking in a. we've had this slowing here north from 680 up to roekd road. that crash is still on the shoulder so a look at the map. early slowing on our waze
6:53 am
system. i want to show you that anywhere north of the area, campbell jumping on 880 and 17, you're doing just fine. look at these routes. you want to reassure yourself if you leave the house with our team nbc bay area wazers, this animation reminds you how to get to our team. go to your profile and select nbc bay area wazers as a team. >> thank you, mike. coming up, controversy swirling around the alameda county sheriff's office. the backlash the department faces on social media after a questionable retweet. but first, happening now, just in texas a&m has just canceled a white nationalist prote protest. a white lives matter was going to be held. the college canceled the rally because of safety concerns. and on saturday former president barack obama tweeted a nelson de mandela quote.
6:54 am
no one hates a person because of the color of his skin or his background or religion. that tweet has now become the second most liked tweet on twitter. 2.5 million likes.
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. it's 6:56. before you head out the door here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay."
6:57 am
>> a person in alameda county sheriff's office caught in a tweet firestorm after re-tweeting white supremacist richard spencer. this is the re-tweet. it was a news conference that spencer held yesterday. a sheriff's spokesperson says the person accidentally re-tweeted the post while researching for a nationalist rally planned fore later this month. spencer is the co-founder of the alt-right movement and backer of the protest in charlottesville. >> in the meantime attorney general jeff sessions is promising a vigorous against the people responsible for the violence in charlottesville over the weekend. the president faces backlash over his delayed condemnation of the white supremacist groups that was behind the violence. our coverage continues next with the "today" show with overnight pro-protests outside trump tower in new york city where the president is waking up this morning. records from a south bay high school are being requested in a several case against harvard. the ivy league school accused of
6:58 am
discriminating against asia. "the mercury news" reports records from monta vista high school in cupertino have been requested. 80% of their student body in cupertino is asian-american. checking out the dumbarton bridge this morning. tonight sam trans will hold a meeting to unveil a new study that will look into easing congestion along the dumbarton corridor. it is to improve traffic along the dumbarton transportation corridor. the transit agency hopes the public will give them feedback. tonight's meeting is at 6:30 at the union city library. let's take you live outside on your tuesday morning as you get ready to go out the door. this is san jose and we will check your weather and traffic as well. >> a little cloudy out there now but all of this clears up as we go through the day and it will be very nice.
6:59 am
we've enjoyed cooler temperatures that hangs around for a little while longer. still fog and drizzling in san francisco. mid-60s today. by the end of the week upper s 60s. no major changes there. we will see the changes inland in the valley reaching 77 today and then it starts to warm up for the rest of the week. we'll be hitting 90 degrees as we head into the weekend but then it does cool back down early next week. >> we're always looking for the silver lining around here. mike is saying the tuesday commute is moving fairly well. >> school is coming back in session. the big empact is when the commuter schools come back in. right now we're okay for this traffic tuesday. again, the fall month will bring on fall traffic. right now a smooth drive. a build to the san mateo bridge. not a major problem. kris is there near 84 helping keeping things moving. the south bay north 101 continues with the slowing past oakland road.
7:00 am
>> there you go. i know some young ladies starting school. it a great year, everybody. we'll be back in half an hour. >> and of course we'll see you at 11:00 as well. good morning. breaking overnight. >> shame, shame, shame. >> protests rage as president trump returns to trump tower after vowing to pressure and condemning white supremacists by name. for that deadly violence in virginia. >> racism is evil. >> demonstrators in north carolina toppling this confederate statue. as tensions rise, reports of new tension inside the white house. is a key adviser on the outs? ready to fire. north korea's kim jong-un reveals plans to launch missiles at the u.s. territory of guam, as defense secretary mattis


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